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Acoustic World: Brazil

Acoustic World: Brazil



Globalisation, ease of travel, and 24-hour media showing the Earth’s remotest corners has proved that the world is indeed small. In some way it has also made us protective of our local heritage, drawing the culture of one’s home country into sharper focus. This world music series shows the musical side of the phenomenon. This exciting set of discs, featuring some of the best musicians in the world, contains carefully chosen music in compilations possessing a natural musical flow. None of the musicians play electric instruments, giving the music a fabulous authentic feel, and many performances are live, allowing the local atmosphere to come sparkling through.

The Acoustic World series represents a new strand in CORO’s catalogue which already features artists such as The Hilliard Ensemble and Sarah Connolly as well as a ‘Live’ series and young artists focus. The series epitomizes CORO’s values of excellence of performance, authentic instruments, brilliance of sound and world class musicians.


The disc presents music from the nineteenth century up to the end of the twentieth, none of which requires instruments to be ‘plugged in’. It shows the inventiveness and vibrancy of musicians and composers in absorbing styles from overseas before incorporating them into something now instantly recognisable as Brazilian.

Fred Dantas
Oficina de Cordas
Os Ingênuos
Andréa Daltro


Track Listing:

1. Alma Brasileira (Brazilian Soul) – samba de gafieira: Zeca Freitas 

2. Carabina (Rifle) – frevo de rua: Luís Bandeira arr. F Rangel 

3. Degenerado (Degenerate) – choro: Valdomiro Ferro 

4. Bamboleando (Swinging) – choro: Romualdo Miranda arr. M Cézar 

5. Manhã de Carnaval (Morning of the Carnival) – samba-canção - Theme from Black Orpheus, 1959: Luiz Bonfá & Antônio Maria arr. F Rangel 

6. Sonho da Boêmia (Dreams of a Bohemian life) – modinha: ?/Castro Alves 

7. Que nem jiló (Bitter fruit) – baião: Humberto Teixeira & Luis Gonzaga 

8. Tenha dó (Have pity) – forró: Antônio Barros 

9. Retrato en branco e preto (Black & white portrait) – bossa nova: Tom Jobin /Chico Buarque 

10. Tico-Tico No Fubá (Tico-Tico bird in the cornmeal) – choro: Zequinha de Abreu 

11. Voltando a Recife (Coming back to Recife City) – frevo: traditional 

12. Meu carirí (My Patch of Land) – baião: Rozil Cavalcanti & Dilumelo 

13. Tareco e Mariola (Sweets and Candy) – xote: Petrucio Amorim

14. Noites Cariocas (Nights in Rio) – choro: Jacó do Bandolim 

15. Vespers – waltz: Ernesto Nazareth 

16. Se essa viola dissesse (If this guitar could say) – modinha: traditional

17. Carolina – choro: Chico Buarque 

18. Isto é bom (This is good) – lundu: Xisto Bahia

19. Segura-ele (Hold him!) – choro: Pixinguinha 

20. Um bandolim no samba (A bandolim plays samba) – samba: Niquinho 


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