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Acoustic World: Ireland

Acoustic World: Ireland



Includes tunes inspired from America, Canada, England, Scotland and Ireland.

This album presents Irish music at its best, featuring some of the most respected musicians in their field playing fiddle, flute, pipes, uillean pipes, piano accordion, button accordion, melodeon, and concertina.

Irish traditional music has flourished in the last few years, and oftentimes the impetus for change has come from outside the Emerald Isle, giving us perhaps a more accurate definition to the expression ‘world music’.  These influences are in some ways not surprising given that there are Irish communities in many parts of the world.

This disc captures the essence of Irish traditional music from America, Cape Breton Island, England and Ireland itself.  The performances show how tradition and innovation sit comfortably together. There are two notable features: first, that none of the instruments has to be plugged in or amplified; and second, that these are live performances.  Without an audience enjoying and encouraging the musicians these jigs and reels just wouldn’t take off.

The richness of the music comes from the individual musician’s treatment of it (and there are some 43 musicians featured on this disc), because although the tunes and harmonies are relatively simple, the stylistic differences between players in different geographic areas is remarkable.

Enjoy the party!

Eileen Ivers
Séamus Egan
Jimmy Keane
Natalie MacMaster
Tommy Peoples
Máiréad Ní Mhaonaigh

Track Listing:

1. The Noisy Curlew, Farewell to Erin – Reels 

2. Stirling Castle, Miss Ramsey – Strathspey & Reel 

3. Tom McElvogue’s – Jig, New Irish Barndance, Untitled – Reel 

4. The Harvest Home – Hornpipe, The Foxhunter’s - Reel 

5. Horse Keane’s - Hornpipe, The Rath Cairn Reel, The Charleston – Reel 

6. Lad O’Beirne’s, The Silver Spear – Reels 

7. The Wounded Hussar – Slow Air, Charlie Lennon’s – Reel 

8. The Three Sisters (Moneymusk, Drowsy Maggie, Untitled) – Reels 

9. Irish Lasses, St Patrick’s, Jerry’s Beaver Hat, The Chorus Jig – Jigs 

10. The Turnpike, The Shetland Fiddler, The Boys of Malin – Reels 

11. Willie Coleman’s, The Connachtman’s Rambles – Jigs 

12. Untitled – Slow Air 

13. Waking up in Wonderful Wark, Untitled – Jigs 

14. Two Jigs 

15. John J. Kimmell’s Favourite – Clog My Love is in America, The Diamond Ring – Reel 

16. The Swaggering Jig, London Lasses – Jigs 

17. The Wise Maid, Macleod’s Reel, The Boys of Malin – Reels


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