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Acoustic World: Persia

Acoustic World: Persia



This is a fascinating disc of music from the rich and ancient culture of Persia. The differing traditions of classical and folk music are represented here, played on the ney and the sornā, as well as sung. The ney is often described as the world’s oldest instrument, whilst documents exist showing that in the 6th-4th centuries BC the sornā was accompanying dancing in the south-west Iranian region of Lorestān.

As is so often the case, Persian traditional music is the product of many related world strands. Some of the melodies and modes, for example, are related similar systems found in 7th century Turkish, Byzantine and Arabic music, owing to the cross-fertilisation caused by the Arab invasion of the Persian Empire (633-656).

Nevertheless, Persian classical music maintains its own unique characteristics. One of them is the use of rhythmic percussion to accompany instrumental melodies. The highest esteem, however, is reserved for the art of improvisation and free-time singing based on the sung recitation of poetry.

The Revolution of 1979 and the following 30 years have not provided a stable environment for music-making in Iran. Nevertheless there are musicians living and working both in Iran and abroad and, with the rise of commercially available CDs, the music of this region continues to spread and be appreciated.

Celebrated musicians Hossein ‘Omoumi, Shahmirza Moradi and Simâ Binâ who feature on this disc are among the world’s finest innovators of Persian music.


Track Listing:


1. Pishdarâmad 
2. Darâmad 
3. Kharâmân 
4. Zâbol 
5. Zarbi 
6. Muyeh, Hesâr, mokhâlef 
7. Zarbi-e mokhâlef and mansuri 
8. Zanguleh 
9. Tasnif-e sârebân

10. Se-Pa

11. Sâghi-Nâmeh & Soufi-Nâmeh (Radif) 
12. Darâmad (Improvised) 
13. Châhârmezrâb inspired by a piece by Master Sabâ (Hossein ´Omoumi) 
14. Neyriz (improvised) 
15. Pish Zangouleh based on the Radif (Hossein ´Omoumi) & Neyriz text by Mirza Nassir Esfahani (Radif) 
16. Zangouleh (Radif) & Tasnif Mâhûr (Sheydâ) 
17. Delkash & Châhârmezrâb (Improvised)


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