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Acoustic World: India

Acoustic World: India



Indian classical music is like no other: over centuries hundreds of modes and rhythms - the raga and tala - have dominated the lives of musicians dedicated to committing them to memory with a kind of spiritual devotion. It is a complex and sophisticated musical system which does not have a standardised method of notation, which has never used the equal temperament found on the western piano, and which has developed without the necessity for harmony.

This disc presents the two geographically split styles, Hindustani and Carnatic, performed by some of the most revered gurus of today. Girija Devi celebrates her 80th birthday in 2009 and is one of India’s most celebrated singers, having dedicated her life to the discipline. Dr. L. Subramanian is an extraordinary musician, trained in both Carnatic and Western traditions, whose virtuosic violin playing and composing brings the two cultures together. Imrat Khan is India’s celebrated surbahar player and a leading sitar exponent who traces his family’s musical pedigree back to the 16th century court musicians of the Mughal rulers. His great-grandfather, Sahabdad Khan, is credited with creating and naming the surbahar. Hariprasad Chaurasia is a celebrated player of the North Indian bamboo flute called the bansuri. In a country where so much importance is attached to musical lineage, Chaurasia stands as a supreme example of one who made his way alone.

Girija Devi
Dr. L. Subramanian
Imrat Khan
Hariprasad Chaurasia


Track Listing:

1. Raga Desh - tappa, Bhul Jao Sanda Dukh Ve - sitarkhani

2. Raga Vasantapriya (excerpt)

3. Raga Bilaskhani Todi - khayal, Charan gahe ki rakho laj - vilambit Ektal (excerpt)

4. Raga Darbari (excerpt)

5. Raga Bilaskhani (excerpt)

6. Kriti Sarasamukhi - Raga Gowdamalhar

7. Nadaloludai - Kalyanavasanta Raga, Tisra Eka Tala

8. Dhrupad compositions in Chautal (12 beats) and Sultal (10 beats)

9. Pahadi Dhun In Dipchandi and Keherva Tal

10. Raga Bhairavi - thumri, Baju Band Khul Jan - dipchandi


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