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Christus Natus Est: An Early English Christmas

Christus Natus Est: An Early English Christmas



A medley of carols ranging from the demure to the rustic; a simple expression of joy and wonder. Some have an element of dance in them, including some of the ‘Devil’s best tunes given back to God’ in the form of carols. A collection of appropriate medieval instruments, including fiddles, harps, lutes and drums, accompanies the singers.

The Sixteen
Harry Christophers

'A sublime Gloria by Sheppard ... and, finest of all, Byrd’s Lullaby in a masterly performance.Gramophone


Track Listing:

1. Verbum caro (chant) 
2. Salutation Carol
3. Nowell sing we, both all and some 
4. Gaudete
5. Hail Mary full of grace
6. Gloria in excelsis (Sheppard)
7. There is no rose
8. Nowell, nowell: Out of your sleep
9. Remember O thou man 
10. Quid petis, O fili? (Pygott)
11. Sweet was the song 
12. Lullaby my sweet little baby (Byrd)
13. Ave rex angelorum 
14. Drive the cold winter away  
15. Nowell, nowell: The boares head 
16. The old year now has passed away
17. Angelus ad virginem
18. Nowell, nowell: Dieu vous garde
19. Make we joy
20. Verbum caro (Sheppard)



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