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Hilliard Live 2: For Ockeghem

Hilliard Live 2: For Ockeghem


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The famous Hilliard Ensemble presents a tribute to the 15th century master composer Ockeghem. Interspersed with the music are parts of Guillaume Crétin’s Lament on the Death of the Late Ockeghem, Treasurer of Saint Martin of Tours, in a specially commissioned translation, read by Bob Peck. 

This disc is the second of four live discs by The Hilliard Ensemble to be released on CORO. The first disc – Pérotin and the Ars Antiqua - won a Diapason D’Or.”

The Hilliard Ensemble
David James counter-tenor
Rogers Covey-Crump tenor

John Potter tenor
Gordon Jones baritone

Track Listing:

Johannes Ockeghem (d.1497)
1. Kyrie and Gloria (Missa Mi mi) 

Guillaume Crétin
2. Cruel death.... 

Antoine Busnois
3. In hydraulis  

Guillaume Crétin
4. After this sweet harmony.... 

Johannes Ockeghem
5. Credo (Missa De plus en plus) 

Guillaume Crétin
6. Then arose King David.... 

Loyset Compère
7. Omnium bonorum plena  

Guillaume Crétin
8. Chiron the Centaur came up.... 

Johannes Ockeghem
9. Sanctus (Missa Caput)

Guillaume Crétin
10. Then the very doleful Lady Music.... 

11. Ergone conticuit

Guillaume Crétin
12. I call him Doctor....

Johannes Ockeghem
13. Agnus Dei (Missa Prolationum)



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