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CORO is distributed around the world. See below for the distributor in your country.


UK by Select Music
Australia by Select
Austria by Gramola
Belgium, France, Holland & Luxembourg by New Arts International
Canada by Naxos of America
Czech Republic by RCD
Germany by Note 1 Music
Greece by Greenway
Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand & Malaysia by Naxos Far East 
Hungary by Ability
Italy by Sound and Music
Japan by Tokyo M-Plus
South Korea by C-Sharp Media Co.
New Zealand by Ode Records
Poland by Music Island
Romania by Alma Artex
Russia by A-RAM
South Africa by Dynamite
Spain and Portugal by Connexmusica

Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Latvia, Luthuania & Estonia by Naxos Scandinavia
Switzerland by Musikontakt 

USA by Naxos of America