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COR16001 - The Flowering of Genius

COR16002 - The Voices of Angels: Eton Choirbook Volume V

COR16003 - Scarlatti: Iste Confessor

COR16004 - Hodie: An English Christmas

COR16005 - Purcell: The Fairy Queen

COR16006 - Blest Cecilia: Britten Choral Works I

COR16007 - Victoria: The Call of the Beloved

COR16008 - Handel: Samson

COR16009 - Teixeira: Te Deum

COR16010 - An Eternal Harmony

COR16011 - Handel: Israel in Egypt

COR16012 - The Crown of Thorns: Eton Choirbook Volume II

COR16013 - à la Gloire de Dieu

COR16014 - Allegri: Miserere

COR16015 - Ikon of Light

COR16016 - Spem in Alium: Music for Monarchs and Magnates (SACD)

COR16017 - J.S. Bach: Weihnachts Oratorium

COR16018 - The Flower of all Virginity: Eton Choirbook Volume IV

COR16019 - Handel: Esther

COR16020 - A Golden Age of Portuguese Music

COR16021 - Victoria: The Mystery of the Cross

COR16022 - The Pillars of Eternity: Eton Choirbook Volume III

COR16023 - La Jeune France

COR16024 - Purcell: Love's Goddess Sure Was Blind

COR16025 - Heroes and Heroines

COR16026 - The Rose an the Ostrich Feather: Eton Choirbook Volume I

COR16027 - Christus Natus Est: An Early English Christmas

COR16028 - Handel: Alexander's Feast

COR16029 - Frank Martin

COR16030 - Delirio Amoroso

COR16031 - Barber Agnus Dei: An American Collection

COR16032 - Renaissance Portugal

COR16033 - Victoria: Requiem 1605 (SACD)

COR16034 - A Ceremony of Carols: Britten Choral Works II

COR16035 - Victoria: Devotion to our Lady

COR16036 - Schütz: Musikalische Exequien

COR16037 - Philip and Mary: A Marriage of England and Spain

COR16038 - Fen & Meadow: Britten Choral Works III

COR16039 - Bach: Cantatas 34, 50, 147

COR16041 - Music from the Chapel Royal: 'The King's Musick'

COR16042 - Vivaldi: Gloria / Bach: Magnificat

COR16043 - A Traditional Christmas Carol Collection Vol. I

COR16044 - Bach: Mass in B Minor

COR16045 - Fedel e Costante

COR16046 - Hilliard Live 1: Pérotin and the Ars Antiqua

COR16047 - Music from the Sistine Chapel

COR16048 - Hilliard Live 2: For Ockeghem

COR16049 - Music from Magdalen

COR16050 - Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem

COR16051 - Robert Carver

COR16052 - Hilliard Live 3: Antoine Brumel

COR16053 - Venetian Treasures

COR16055 - Hilliard Live 4: Guillaume Dufay

COR16056 - Treasures of Tudor England

COR16057 - Fauré: Requiem

COR16058 - Acoustic World - Brazil (No longer on sale)

COR16059 - Streams of Tears

COR16060 - Musique Pour Mazarin

COR16061 - Acoustic World: China (No longer on sale)

COR16062 - Handel: Messiah

COR16063 - Acoustic World: Ireland (No longer on sale)

COR16065 - Acoustic World: Persia (No longer on sale)

COR16066 - Handel: Coronation Anthems

COR16067 - Guerrero: Missa de la batalla Escoutez

COR16068 - Acoustic World: Flamenco (No longer on sale)

COR16069 - Bright Orb of Harmony

COR16070 - Acoustic World: India (No longer on sale)

COR16071 - Padre Pio Prayer

COR16073 - Sounds Sublime: The Essential Collection

COR16074 - Auf Wiener Art: Music from the Habsburg Court

COR16076 - Handel: Dixit Dominus / Steffani: Stabat Mater

COR16077 - Ceremony and Devotion: Music for the Tudors

COR16081 - Ravish'd with Sacred Extasies

COR16082 - Buxtehude: Membra Jesu Nostri

COR16084 - Mozart: Mass in C minor

COR16085 - A Traditional Christmas Carol Collection Vol. II

COR16087 - Monteverdi: Selva morale e spirituale Volume I

COR16088 - Victoria: Hail, Mother of the Redeemer

COR16090 - O Guiding Night: The Spanish Mystics

COR16091 - Palestrina Volume 1

COR16092 - Great British Choral Works

COR16093 - Mozart: Requiem

COR16095 - J.S. Bach: Trio Sonatas for Organ (Organ Works Volume I)

COR16096 - MacMillan: Miserere

COR16097 - The Earth Resounds

COR16098 - Royal Manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination

COR16101 - Monteverdi: Selva morale e spirituale Volume II

COR16102 - Great European Choral Works

COR16103 - Handel: Saul

COR16104 – Mozart: Coronation Mass

COR16105 – Palestrina Volume 2

COR16106 – Palestrina Volume 3

COR16109 – Monteverdi: Selva morale e spirituale Volume III

COR16110 – Bartłomiej Pękiel

COR16111 – An Immortal Legacy

COR16112 – J.S. Bach: Organ Works Volume II

COR16113 – Haydn Symphonies Nos. 6 & 82

COR16114 – Palestrina Volume 4

COR16115 – J S. Bach: Lutheran Masses Volume I

COR16116 – Ikon of Light: Special Commemorative Edition

COR16117 – Joy to the World: An American Christmas

COR16118 – The Queen of Heaven (Single Disc)

COR16119 – The Voice of the Turtle Dove

COR16120 – J.S. Bach: Lutheran Masses Volume II

COR16121 – Handel: Jephtha

COR16122 – Music of the Kingdom

COR16123 – The Blossoming Vine

COR16124 – Palestrina Volume 5

COR16126 - Monteverdi : Vespers of 1610

COR16127 - Spirit, Strength and Sorrow

COR16128 - Flight of Angels

COR16129 - Purcell: The Indian Queen

COR16130 - Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki

COR16132 - J.S. Bach: Organ Works Volume III

COR16133 - Palestrina Volume 6

COR16134 - Poetry in Music

COR16135 - Haydn: The Creation

COR16136 - The Complete Traditional Christmas Carol Collection

COR16138 - Beethoven: Sonatas for Fortepiano and Violin, Volume I

COR16139 - Haydn: Symphonies Nos. 7 & 83

COR16140 - The Deer's Cry

COR16141 - Helper and Protector: Italian Maestri in Poland

COR16142 - Monteverdi: Messa a quattro voci et salmi of 1650, Volume I

COR16143 - Beethoven: Sonatas for Fortepiano and Violin, Volume II

COR16144 - Edmund Rubbra

COR16145 - The Old Colony Collection

COR16146 - Sound of the Nativity

COR16147 - Durante: Requiem

COR16148 - Haydn: Symphonies Nos. 8 & 84

COR16149 - Francis Poulenc

COR16150 - James MacMillan: Stabat mater

COR16151 - Purcell: Royal Welcome Songs for King James II

COR16152 - Haydn: The Seven Last Words of Our Saviour on the Cross

COR16153 - Marcin Mielczewski

COR16154 - Beethoven Sonatas for Fortepiano & Violin Vol. 3

COR16155 - Palestrina Volume 7

COR16157 - J.S. Bach: Organ Works Volume IV

COR16158 - Haydn Symphonies Nos. 26 & 86 

COR16159 - Sacred and Profane

COR16160 - Monteverdi: Messa a quattro voci et salmi of 1650, Volume II

COR16161 - Beethoven Sonatas for Fortepiano and Violin, Vol. 4

COR16162 - Vivaldi: Gloria / Bach: Mass in G major

COR16163 - Purcell: Royal Welcome Songs for King Charles II

COR16164 - Beethoven: String Quartets, Op. 18 Nos. 1-3

COR16165 - Invictus: A Passion

COR16167 - A Renaissance Christmas

COR16168 - Haydn Symphonies No. 49 & No. 87

COR16169 - Handel: Acis and Galatea

COR16170 - An Enduring Voice 

COR16171 - Leonardo: Shaping the Invisible

COR16172 - 40: The Anniversary Collection

COR16173 - Purcell: Royal Welcome Songs for King Charles II, Vol. II

COR16174 - Beethoven: String Quartets Op. 18 nos. 4-6

COR16175 - Palestrina Volume 8

COR16176 - Haydn: Symphony No. 99 and Mass in B-Flat Major 'Harmoniemesse'

COR16178 - The Call of Rome

COR16179 - James MacMillan: Symphony No. 5, 'Le grand Inconnu' & The Sun Danced

COR16180 - Handel Choruses

COR16181 - Haydn: Symphony No. 100 and Nelson Mass

COR16182 - Purcell: Royal Welcome Songs for King Charles II, Vol. III

COR16183 - Mozart Violin Concertos Vol I

COR16184 - Good night, beloved

COR16186 - Agnus Dei

COR16187 - Purcell: Royal Welcome Songs for King Charles II, Vol. IV

COR16188 - Carol of the Bells

COR16189 - An Old Belief

COR16190 - John Wilbye: Draw On Sweet Night

COR16191 - A Meditation

COR16192 - Haydn: Symphony No. 103 and Theresienmesse

COR16193 - William Byrd: Psalmes Songs and and Sonnets 1611

COR16194 - Bach Masses

COR16195 - A Watchful Gaze

COR16196 - Coronation - Music for Royal Occasions

COR16197 - Palestrina Volume 9 

COR16198 - Sirens' Song

COR16199 - Alessandro Striggio: Mass in 40 Parts

COR16200 - Mozart Violin Concertos Volume II

COR16201 - Orazio Benevoli Missa Tu es Petrus

COR16203 - Masters of Imitation

COR16204 - Victoria: Tenebrae Responsories

COR16205 - Peace I leave with you - Music for the Evening Hour

COR16206 - 70 - A Life in Music