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Auf Wiener Art: Music from the Habsburg Imperial Court. Album by le Jardin Secret

Auf Wiener Art: Music from the Habsburg Imperial Court. Album by le Jardin Secret

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Album Description

Continuing its work with young artists, CORO has the pleasure of releasing Auf Wiener Art - the second recording by Le Jardin Secret, winners of both the first prize and audience prize at the Early Music Network Young Artists Competition 2007.

Following on from their debut album, Musique Pour Mazarin!, Auf Wiener Art is a fascinating pot-pourri of musical gems from the Habsburg Imperial Court. The house of Habsburg and its court lived and breathed music. Encouraged by the infectious musical appetites of the Italophile imperial family and in particular, Leopold I (the so-called “Musikkaiser”), the court was fed a daily diet rich in vocal and instrumental music for stage and church. Given its vast geographic spread, the Austrian empire encompassed many cultures, elements of which enrich the music of this time. This, as well as the wave of Italian composers imported to service the imperial court, create a multi-faceted musical legacy which is both spirited and fresh.


le Jardin Secret:
Elizabeth Dobbin  soprano
David Blunden  harpsichord
Sofie Vanden Eynde  theorbo & baroque guitar 
Romina Lischka  viola da gamba
Marian Minnen  baroque cello & basse de violon

Track Listing

Leopold I (1640-1705):
1. Ah quanto e vero (from Il Pomo d'Oro by Antonio CESTI (1623-69))

Francesco Cavalli (1602-1676)
2. Infelice che ascolto? (from Giasone) 

Jacques de Saint Luc (1616-1710) 
3. Tombeau de François Ginter 

Johann Heinrich Schmelzer (1623-80) 
4. Fliesse, fliesse bach der Threnen (from Staercke der Lieb)

Johann Jakob Froberger (1616-1667)
5. Partita 6 “Auf die Maeyerin” 

Leopold I
6. Wie dringen dan auf mich (from Die vermeinte Brueder und Schwester Liebe) 

Georg Muffat (1653-1704)
7. Chaconne 

Antonio Sartorio (1630-1680)
8. Crudo serpe (from Orfeo) 

Johann Kasper Kerll (1627-1693)
9. Toccata 

Antonio Sartorio
10. Son amante ma sfortunato (from Orfeo) 

Antonio Draghi (1635-1700)
11. Il destin (from Leonida in Tegea) 

Johann Schenk (b.1656) 
Sonata VI "L'Echo du Danube"
12. Adagio - Allegro - Adagio
13. Presto - Adagio - Aria Largo - Vivace - (Aria) Largo - Allegro - Largo - (Aria) Largo
14. Aria Adagio, Giga 

Johann Joseph Fux (1660-1741)
15. So che piace

Johann Joseph Fux
16. Rondinella (from Orfeo ed Euridice)