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J.S. Bach: Mass in B minor

J.S. Bach: Mass in B minor



Two-CD Set

Bach's Mass in B minor displays all the ingredients that that contribute his supreme ranking amongst his peers of any age, and also demonstrates the breadth of compositional skills amassed during his lifetime. It demands choral singing of blistering athleticism but also sensitive, responsive and, at times, majestic orchestral playing coupled with virtuosic obligatos along with a team of soloists who can breathe an immediacy of expression into the words of the mass. All these elements are well to the fore in this magnificent recording. 

Catherine Dubosc soprano I
Catherine Denley soprano II
James Bowman alto 
John Mark Ainsley tenor
Michael George bass
The Sixteen
The Symphony of Harmony and Invention
Harry Christophers

'There are too many individual highlights, whether of chorus, orchestral ensemble, vocal solo or instrumental obbligato to warrant specification here: suffice to say that we have here an extremely fine, unified, convincing and satisfying performance, allied to a very clear recording.'
 Laudate - Guild of Church Musicians

Track Listing:

J.S. Bach (1685-1750)
Mass in B minor

1. Chorus: Kyrie eleison
2. Duet: Christe eleison
3. Chorus: Kyrie eleison 
4. Chorus: Gloria in excelsis Deo
5. Chorus: Et in terra pax 
6. Air: Laudamus te 
7. Chorus: Gratias agimus 
8. Duet: Domine Deus 
9. Chorus: Qui tollis 
10. Air: Qui sedes 
11. Air: Quoniam tu solus Sanctus 
12. Chorus: Cum Sancto Spiritu 

1. Chorus: Credo in unum Deo 
2. Chorus: Patrem omnipotentem
3. Duet: Et in unum Dominum 
4. Chorus: Et incarnatus est 
5. Chorus: Crucifixus 
6. Chorus: Et resurrexit 
7. Air: Et in Spiritum Sanctum 
8. Chorus: Confiteor unum baptisma 
9. Chorus: Et expecto 
10. Chorus: Sanctus 
11. Chorus: Osanna 
12. Air: Benedictus 
13. Chorus: Osanna 
14. Air: Agnus Dei 
15. Chorus: Dona nobis pacem 



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