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Delirio Amoroso: Handel Italian Secular Cantatas. Album by Ann Murray and The Sixteen.

Delirio Amoroso: Handel Italian Secular Cantatas. Album by Ann Murray and The Sixteen.

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Album Description

As a young man Handel spent four years in Italy, forging a uniquely exuberant operatic style. During that time he composed these three cantatas about classical love, a favourite theme of baroque composers. Ann Murray, a superb Handelian singer, here explores the different emotions engendered by the departure, absence, and finally the death of a lover, all with a telling range of colour and nuance much acclaimed in her Handel performances at English National Opera.


Ann Murray
The Symphony of Harmony And Invention
Harry Christophers


' ... a dazzling revelation of (Handel’s) melodic freshness and inventive touch...Ann Murray sings superlatively.' BBC Music Magazine

Track Listing

George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)

Clori, mia bella clori
1. Recit: Clori, mia bella Clori 
2. Aria: Chiari lumi 
3. Recit: Temo ma pure io spero 
4. Aria: Ne'gigli e nelle rose 
5. Recit: Non è però 
6. Aria: Mie pupille
7. Recit: Tu, nobil alma
8. Aria: Di gelosia il timore

Armida Abbandonata
9. Recit: Dietro l'orme fugaci 
10. Aria: Ah, crudele 
11. Recit: Per te mi struggo 
12. Recit: O voi, dell'incostante 
13. Aria: Venti, fermate, sì, 
14. Recit: Ma che parlo 
15. Siciliana: In tanti affanni miei

Delirio Amoroso
16. Introduction 
17. Recit: Da quel giorno fatale 
18. Aria: Un pensiero voli in ciel 
19. Recit: Ma fermati, pensier 
20. Aria: Per te lasciai la luce 
21. Recit: Non ti bastava, ingrato 
22. Aria: Lascia omai
23. Recit: Ma siamo giunti in Lete
24. Entrée  
25. Minuet: In queste amene 
26. Recit: Sì, disse Clori 
27. Minuet