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Edmund Rubbra. Album by The Sixteen

Edmund Rubbra. Album by The Sixteen

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Album Description

BBC RADIO 3's COMPOSER OF THE WEEK (19 - 23 September 2016)

The distinctive style of Edmund Rubbra’s music is unmistakable – his love of counterpoint, his sense of tonality, and his clever working of melody make him stand out from many of his contemporaries. His writing, whilst harmonically challenging and vocally taxing, is also intensely personal and highly charged with emotion - at times mystical, at others seriously dramatic.

Though he is best-known for his orchestral works, choral music was a constant throughout his career, and a genre of particular importance to a composer of strong spiritual conviction.

In this beautiful new recording The Sixteen explores some of his little-known choral music including the extraordinary Tenebrae Nocturns and the Missa Cantuariensis with its fabulous double-choir writing.

This album also features the first recording of the Responses from the Missa Cantuariensis.


The Sixteen
Harry Christophers

Track Listing:

Edmund Rubbra (1901-1986)

TENEBRAE - First Nocturn Op. 72
1. In monte Oliveti
2. Tristis est anima mea 
3. Ecce vidimus eum

4. Let us now praise famous men
5. There is a spirit
6. Except the Lord build the house

TENEBRAE - Second Nocturn Op. 72
7. Amicus meus
8. Judas mercator pessimus
9. Unus ex discipulis

10. Eternitie
11. Vain wits and eyes
12. A Hymn to God the Father
13. The Search
14. A Song

TENEBRAE - Third Nocturn Op.72
15. Eram quasi agnus innocens
16. Una hora non potuistis
17. Seniores populi

1. Kyrie
2. Responses
3. Credo
4. Sanctus
5. Benedictus
6. Agnus Dei
7. Gloria in excelsis

Total playing time:    73.11