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Fedel e Costante: Handel Italian Cantatas. Ablum by Elin Manahan Thomas and Principals from The Sixteen

Fedel e Costante: Handel Italian Cantatas. Ablum by Elin Manahan Thomas and Principals from The Sixteen

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Album Description

Recorded live at The Sixteen's Handel in Oxford Festival, 2006, Elin Manahan Thomas gives a performance of captivating communication and sparkling intelligence in these stunning and contrasting Handel Cantatas, bringing to life the world of four women, all of whom have been betrayed by love and its deceitful charms. 

Agrippina, sister of Caligula and wife of Claudius, vacillates from fiery monarch in outrage to a tender mother appalled by her son's weakness. At the last, she resigns herself to a noble death at the hands of her cruel, ignoble son. Nel dolce dell' oblio descries the sweet oblivion of sleep as the beloved Fili lies dreaming of her darling. Tu fedel, Tu Costante has the singer berating her beloved, Fileno, for his philandering ways as he loves a hundred beauties and wishes to share himself with them all. In the last aria she decides either to love another, or to live entirely without love henceforth. Armida abbandonata tells a tale of desperate, unrequited love. When the Saracen witch Armida falls in love with captured warrior Rinaldo, Armida bewitches him to love her in return but eventually her spell fails and Rinaldo returns to his ship and abandons her. 


Elin Manahan Thomas
Principals from The Sixteen
Harry Christophers

Track Listing

George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)
1. Recit: Dunque sarà pur vero 
2. Aria: Orrida, oscura l’etra 
3. Recit: Ma pria che d’empia morte
4. Aria: Renda cenere il tiranno
5. Recit: Sì, sì, del gran tiranno 
6. Arioso: Come, o Dio 
7. Aria: Se infelice al mondo vissi 
8. Recit: Trema l’ingrato figlio 
9. Aria: Su lacerate il seno 

10. Nel dolce dell'obblio 

Tu fedel? Tu costante?
11. Sonata & recit: Tu fedel?
12. Aria: Cento belle ami Fileno 
13. Recit: L’occhio nero vivace 
14. Aria: Se Licori, Fili ed io 
15. Recit: Ma, se non hai più
16. Aria: Se non ti piace amarmi 
17. Recit: Ma il tuo genio incostante 
18. Aria: Sì crudel, ti lascierò 

Armida abbandonata
19. Recit: Dietro l’orme fugaci
20. Aria: Ah, crudele! 
21. Recit: Per te mi struggo, infido 
22. Recit: O voi, dell’ incostante 
23. Aria: Venti, fermate, sì 
24. Recit: Ma che parlo, che dico?
25. Aria: In tanti affanni miei