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Handel Choruses. Album by The Sixteen

Handel Choruses. Album by The Sixteen

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Album Description

Is there another composer who can match Handel’s genius for writing choruses? He is quite simply the master of chorus and on this compilation of tracks, taken from The Sixteen’s award-winning Handel back-catalogue, there is much rejoicing. Revel in the some of Handel’s finest writing from the universally loved Hallelujah chorus to the exuberance of I will sing unto the Lord from Israel in Egypt and the longest of his choruses – the magnificent The Lord our enemy has slain from the first version of Esther. Sit back, turn up the volume and marvel at his brilliance!    


The Sixteen
Harry Christophers

Track Listing

  1. Awake the trumpet’s lofty sound! (Samson
  2. Your voices tune (Alexander’s Feast)             
  3. Welcome, welcome mighty King! (Saul)             
  4. Wretched lovers! (Acis and Galatea)             
  5. Ye sons of Israel mourn, II (Esther
  6. Worthy is the Lamb (Messiah)             
  7. He gave them hailstones (Israel in Egypt
  8. With thunder arme’d great God, arise (Samson
  9. O God, behold our sore distress (Jephtha
  10. He smote all the first-born (Israel in Egypt
  11. How excellent Thy name (Saul
  12. And He shall purify (Messiah)             
  13. Hear, Jacob’s God, Jehova, hear! (Samson
  14. Ye house of Gilead, with one voice (Jephtha
  15. Hallelujah! (Messiah)                         
  16. The Lord our enemy has slain (Esther)            
  17. I will sing unto the Lord (Israel in Egypt)          
  18. Then round about the starry throne (Samson
  19. The many rend the skies, I (Alexander’s Feast
  20. Gird on thy sword, thou man of might (Saul
  21. And the glory of the Lord (Messiah
  22. Let the bright Seraphim (Samson)             
  23. He is my God (Israel in Egypt)             
  24. Amen (Messiah)                         

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