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LIGHT at Durham Cathedral - Soundtrack

Durham Cathedral with Genesis Foundation commissioned CDs

(Image of Durham Cathedral - ©Graeme Peacock) 

We are delighted to have joined forces with the Genesis Foundation and Durham Cathedral to soundtrack a new light installation designed to celebrate the Durham Year of the Pilgrimage. LIGHT, a work commissioned by the Genesis Foundation from Chris Levine, one of today’s most exciting visual artists, will be amplified with music, also commissioned by the Foundation, from some of the UK's most celebrated contemporary composers, all sung by The Sixteen.

Over the past two decades the Genesis Foundation has established itself as the UK’s foremost commissioner of sacred choral music, engendering some 25 new works, the majority for performance by Harry Christophers and The Sixteen.

To experience LIGHT, visit the Cathedral between 21 March and early December. To find out more, visit Durham Cathedral's website


1-3. William Todd - Among Angels
Padre Pio (COR16071)

4. Alissa Firsova - Stabat mater
Spirit, Strength and Sorrow (COR16127)

5. Joseph Phibbs - Nesciens mater
Star of Heaven (COR16166)

6.  Roderick Williams - Let Nothing Trouble You
O Guiding Night ( COR16090)

7-10. Stephen Hough - Hallowed
Star of Heaven (COR16166)

11. Sir James MacMillan - O virgo prudentissima 
An Enduring Voice (COR16170)

You can also listen to the complete soundtrack on Spotify.